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China Welfare Institute (CWI) Publishing House


  Affiliated to China Welfare Institute and Shanghai Soong Ching-ling Foundation, the CWI Publishing House (the Publishing House) has Book Editorial Department, Children’s Epoch Magazine, Haha Pictorial Magazine, Students’ Computer World Newspaper Office, distribution center, research center, Happy Learning Little World – Project Team of Children’s Challenge, and Shanghai International Children’s Culture School under its administration.

  Sticking to the policy of “doing experiments, setting  examples, and strengthening scientific research and external cooperation and exchange” proposed by Mme Soong Ching-ling, the Publishing House has published books regarding the studies on Soong Ching-ling, maternal and child health care, pre-school education, early childhood education, research achievements on after-school education, original children’s literature works, and child initiatory and intelligence development readings, imported and exported relevant publishing works, and conducted copyright licensing business to facilitate international cultural exchange. The readers are therefore bestowed with healthy and elegant spiritual food in various kinds. The series of “Study of Soong Ching-ling Theories”, “Wise Tips on Parenting”, “Impeccable Parents”, “Huggy Series”, “Light Reading Series”, “Little Train of World Classics” and “E-spider Series” as well as outstanding books from the Publishing House have won the “Bing Xin Children’s Book Award”, “National Outstanding Children’s Literature Prize”, and the “Most Beautiful Book in China”, to name just a few. The Children’s Epoch Magazine has been distributed in over 20 countries and regions since 1956. Ms. Anna Chennault (Chinese name: Chen Xiangmei), a famous social activist and veteran of the press circle, is the incumbent Honorary President of the Magazine. By adhering to the mission of “Inspiring the Thoughts and Cultivating the Taste to Develop the Children into Top Talents for Country Construction”, the Magazine works hard with a view to foster generations of youngsters and children who can study diligently, live happily and achieve full development. Children’s Epoch has been accompanying three generations, and the readers are beyond 300 million across nearly 30 provinces, municipalities directly under the Central Government and autonomous regions in China.

  Haha Pictorial Magazine conducts in-depth cooperation with Shanghai Media Group (SMG) and the subordinated Haha TV to develop the Haha Pictorial H Edition for children between 7 and 12 years old and the Story Castle Magazine for children ranging from zero to six years old, which correspond to the TV advertisement and programs. Due to its multi-function and multi-sense interaction, the  H Edition got the national patent.

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